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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q#1: What if I want to move my hosting to another service?

You can always switch your hosting to another service provider. When you do so, you must also transfer your domain to next company. Your account should be fully paid before we can release your hosting and domain.

Q#2: How many domains can I host under one package?

You can host only one domain under one package.

Q#3: Can I transfer package of one domain to another?

No. A package purchased for one domain can not be transferred to another. This can only be done in corporate package however.

Q#4: Why I can not benefit from the lowest domain rates when I purchase domain without hosting?

When we sell hosting, we assume you will host with us for a long time. We therefore reduce price on domain and recover this amount through hosting package in the long run.

Q#5: I see some companies are offering unlimited space, data transfer and emails. Why should I still consider MediaLinkers?

There is nothing unlimited on earth. A Hosting company which claims to offer something which is not possible, can give you more surprises later on.